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About Zemira

Israelite Recording Artist & Songwriter

Shalom, I am Zemira Israel from the tribe of Levi, of the nation of Israel, of the House of Bezaleel Israel.
I thank the LORD that I can be true to the meaning of my Hebrew name, “song” and “praise”. I’ve been blessed by the spirit of the Most High God to be used in creating different genres of music to help convey the Gospel in its true light. I pray that the quality and professionalism of my music help to admonish the Blacks Hispanics & Native Americans to remembrance of their true nationality as the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel. Also, that the world of Israel repent and keep God’s commandments in the faith of our black Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Inspired by God’s words, I use my vocals and penmanship to help wake up my sole audience: the so-called African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans scattered abroad the planet earth; the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel:

1. Judah (American Blacks/Negroes) [HEAD TRIBE 42:07 – ]

2. Benjamin (West Indian Blacks)

3. Levi (Haitians) [34:42 – 42:05]

4. Ephraim (Puerto Ricans)

5. Manasseh (Cubans)

6. Simeon (Dominicans)

7. Zebulon (Guatemala to Panama [Mayans])

8. Gad (Native Americans Indians)

9. Reuben (Seminole Indians)

10. Asher (Columbia to Uruguay [Incas])

11. Issachar (Mexicans [Aztecs])

12. Naphtali (Argentina/Chile)

Growing up, music constantly filled my father’s home, who is from the tribe of Levi, with his vast record collection of oldies and classics. He played new-school music from time to time as well, to keep up with the joneses. But it was the timeless music that caught my attention growing up, and the spiritual effects it has on people. Engulfing myself wholly to music and of the playing of the piano, songwriting and singing, fortunately, I soon found my gift and purpose in life. While encountering multiple failures in my attempts at “making it” in the secular music industry, it was only to find out in time passing that I had an even greater purpose and mission.

Shortly, prior to waking up to this glorious truth during the month of October 2011, by the spirit of God through our great prophet, Bishop Nathanyel of Israel United in Christ, I attempted once more to pursue a music career as a songwriter to uplift my people, whom I now know, from the teachings of IUIC’s prophets, are Israelites the bible speaks of. I wanted to be used by God in the most fulfilling way to be a better living and sincere example in contrast to the evil exemplified in the secular music industry today.

Fast forward to today, my ultimate mission is the exact ultimate mission of the true Hebrew prophets today who stand before me on the front line of this revolution. The mission is to support and be a pillar to the Black, Hispanic & Native American repenting Israelite men in resurrecting the lost sheep of the house of Israel, towards repentance and ultimately, through patience and endurance, gaining eternal life by keeping God’s laws in the faith of Christ. All this will be done in excellence, for we are the same Legendary People that individuals around the globe read about every moment they open any holy bible written by our beloved forefathers of Israel; holy men of God, who spake and wrote our historical records as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

If it wasn’t for my repenting Israelite family‘s active support and love, and Original Royalty Recordings‘ musical production team and Jahaz Music, this project would not have been the success it is. May all praises and glory be given to the holy, patient and good God of Israel and Israel’s Savior Jesus Christ. May they bless Israel abundantly.

Shalom; peace be with you, Israel,
Zemira Israel, wife of Officer Bezaleel Israel of Israel United in Christ

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